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We encourage Professionals in all fields to apply as Mentors. The aim of the mentorship is to provide support to  mentees in order for them to build their skills, grow professionally, and meet their career goals.

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Below are some of our cooperation partners, and also companies and organizations we have worked with. If you would like to cooperate with us, please feel free to reach out to us and let’s brainstorm ideas on how we can do some great work together.

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Membership is open to individuals, organizations, and companies that are affiliated with or related to the mission and vision of the Association. As a member, you can support the work of the association in making Finland an inclusive and progressive place for all. Apply below.

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Are you an International Professional living in Finland? You can take advantage of our programs and services designed to help you establish and use your skills in Finland.  Click the button below to join our Facebook community!




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Would you like to actively contribute to the association’s work? We are always open to new ideas and fresh perspectives. Join us as a volunteer and let’s impact the lives of international talents in Finland together.