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Our programs are designed to help participants overcome obstacles hindering them from utilizing their skills in Finland, connect them with mentors and career coaches, arrange collaborative opportunities for job training, and partake in networking or recruitment projects and events.


One Mentor One


The One Mentor One program is our peer support and mentorship program aimed at providing an opportunity for participants to benefit from the knowledge and experience of others in that same profession, who have successfully built a career for themselves in Finland.

This program is designed to enable mentees tap into the existing knowledge, skills, and experience of a mentor in order to advance in their careers. The mentor shares advice, offers guidance, and provides career and personal development tips, that will help a mentee grow their skills, make better decisions, and gain new perspective and ideas that will help them build a solid career in Finland.

Mentorship positions are open to Professionals in Finland, irrespective of their  background. This will enable the mentees to benefit from the vast resources and skills available from all established professionals in Finland.

Mentees who do not already know their desired career path are encouraged to first take part in the Individual Career Pathway mapping service offered as a preliminary step to those participants who need to choose a career path first before they can be matched with a mentor in the chosen career path.



Degree AMPLIFY is our ongoing project under the Recognition of Previous Qualifications support we offer to our community members. This project focuses on helping international professionals in Finland to better understand the process of Recognition of their foreign diplomas, and most importantly, guide them through the application process step by step. Degree AMPLIFY is aimed at Recognition of International degrees support by streamlining the step to step process for Recognition of qualifications in a particular profession and assisting them get their previous qualifications recognised so they can start using their skills to contribute to the Finnish ecosystem. The main objective is to assist members to get their Foreign diplomas and degrees recognized and accredited in Finland in their own field. 

Upon a conditional recognition from the Finnish National Agency for Education which requires them to study some extra missing courses, we will also assist them to identify appropriate educational institutions offering the required extra courses they need to study. This way, they can acquire professional skills from Finnish educational institutions and begin their journey to a better economic integration. This way, they can use their professional skills to contribute to the Finnish ecosystem and build meaningful lives for themselves.

The Degree AMPLIFY project is affiliated with the Bridging Gaps service which is designed to render assistance to participants who need to take some extra courses or vocational training before they can be fully accredited and licensed to practice their profession in Finland.

The Degree AMPLIFY project boosts talent utilization and retention of international professionals in Finland. This will help to eradicate the lack of skilled international experts in the Finnish workforce. This project aims to change that by offering individualised assistance to these international talents to overcome the obstacles stopping them from building a career and using their skills in Finland.

This final phase of Degree Amplify is designed to assist participants identify appropriate educational institutions offering the required extra courses they need to study.

Find out more about our ongoing Degree AMPLIFY project on our News and Events page. You can also read the testimonials from some of our participants on THIS LINK.


Career Connect

As an International Professional in Finland, you may have received countless feedback from prospective employers that you do not have Finnish work experience to merit a job offer from them. Career Connect aims to help International Professionals develop their skills through volunteerism, work training, and internships. This will help them gain the much needed Finnish work experience in their own field. 

A huge number of International professionals in Finland are either unemployed, underemployed, or working outside the scope of their expertise. The Career Connect program is specifically designed to change the narrative by assisting International Professionals transition smoothly into jobs that match their training or skills. Many International Professionals often lack Finnish work experience in their trained field or profession especially if it falls under the Regulated Professions in Finland. This prevents them from working in their field of expertise and contributing their skills to enhance the Finnish economy.

Career Connect program also enhances employability by encouraging job seekers to explore other related careers to achieve gainful employment. This program includes packages from the Individual Career Pathway service, taking into cognizance personal skills, strengths, experiences and goals. 

In that light, we work hand in hand with our partners who are employers and service providers to design Training and Internship programs for our members. 

This will help provide our members with the necessary work experience and also promote diverse and inclusive workplaces for our partners.

Career Connect program also seeks to promote Diversity and Inclusion in workplaces by encouraging employers to benefit from international talents in Finland, and creating opportunities for the participants to gain relevant hands-on work experience in their chosen field. It is a win-win situation.

Find out more about our current projects under the Career Connect program. Together with our project partners, we have prepared strategic packages designed to assist the participants of those projects to acquire the necessary knowledge for transitioning into the Finnish workforce, fine-tune their professional skills, increase their employability, and finally get matched with local companies.

More information can be found on our News and Events page.




This is a 3-step project aimed at upskilling, boosting and ensuring the employability and retention of international experts in the Satakunta region of Finland. 

Full project title is “SATAtalents – A hundred talents for Satakunta by 2026 and the long term goal is to ensure the employability and retention of a hundred talents for Satakunta by 2026.

The project is targeted at Immigrants and internationals in the Satakunta region of Finland, specifically those who are unemployed, underemployed or working outside the scope of their expertise. Towards the end of the project, participants will be provided with a networking and recruitment opportunity with local companies in the region.

Many immigrants come to the Satakunta region for its excellent education. However, a good number of them struggle to find their place in the region. As a result, they end up migrating to other regions of Finland where there are a huge amount of opportunities for them and mechanisms set in place for immigrants to thrive in those region. And this is a loss for the Satakunta region.

SATAtalents is one of our major projects targeted at Immigrants in the Satakunta region, and it is aimed at alleviating the problem of getting into the finnish workforce by guiding the participants in equipping themselves with the necessary knowledge about the Finnish work life ecosystem, fine-tuning themselves through individualised assessment of their skill set, identification of areas of professional strengths as well as personal obstacles to employability. 

SATAtalents is designed under our Career Connect program. Learn more.

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