Providing customised guidance and creating collaborative opportunities for International Professionals to establish and use their skills in Finland.

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Why We Exist

We exist as a solid network of support and individualised guidance for international professionals living in Finland. In addition, many professions in Finland are regulated and those who have been qualified abroad for a profession that is regulated in Finland will need to apply to the relevant authority for a decision on whether or not they are also qualified for the same profession in Finland.

Several international professionals living in Finland are either unemployed, underemployed, or working outside the scope of their expertise. This has a negative impact on Finland’s economy as these professionals are unable to use their skills to contribute to the Finnish society. Consequently, the Finnish economy is unable to benefit symbiotically from international talent already living in Finland.

What We Do

Through a diverse range of programs and services, we assist international professionals qualified for a profession abroad to overcome obstacles hindering them from utilizing their skills in Finland. We provide customised support as well as mentorship and networking opportunities. We also offer one-on-one guidance as they take huge career steps toward transitioning into the Finnish workforce and advancing their skillset to contribute to the society they now call home.

Our Services for International Professionals

Get Acquainted Info Sessions

Become familiar with the Finnish labour market and information specific to your own profession. As an International Professional, it is important to understand how your credentials and qualifications gained abroad compare to the Finnish terminologies, rankings, and qualifications system.

Recognition of Previous Qualifications Support

We offer Step-by-Step individual support in the Recognition process starting from the preparation to the final application, as well as evaluation of application results and the next steps to take. This service is ongoing, and runs under our Degree AMPLIFY program. 

Licensure Assistance

It is important to note that in Finland, the successful Recognition of professional qualifications does not automatically entitle you to practice that profession in Finland or to even use that title especially if it is a protected professional title. Licensure Assistance is aimed at helping members acquire their license to practice their profession in Finland.

Individual Career Pathway

We guide International Professionals in creating their own unique career pathways in Finland. This involves assessing your qualifications and skills, identifying your strengths as well as academic, systematic and personal limitations to building your career in Finland. We will work together with members to carve out a personalized career plan taking all factors into consideration.

EntrePROneur Guidance

We assist community members who want to explore Entrepreneurship options available to them by guiding them to the right partners and channels where they can find available resources they need in order to start their own business in Finland. This also includes members of the community who have successfully gotten their Foreign Diplomas recognized and also received a license authorizing them to practice in Finland.

Bridging Gaps

 The Bridging Gaps service is designed to render assistance to members of the community who need to take some extra courses or refresher training before they can be fully accredited and licensed to practice their profession in Finland. Bridging Gaps is also incorporated into our Degree AMPLIFY program as the next step of assistance offered to the program’s participants as they take concrete steps towards completing the required complementary courses.

Our Ongoing Programs and Projects

Career Connect

As an International Professional in Finland, you may have received countless feedback from prospective employers that you do not have Finnish work experience to merit a job offer from them. Under this program, we organize talent upskilling and retention projects, as well as networking / recruitment events to match international talents in Finland with local companies. Career Connect also helps International Professionals develop their skills through hands-on work collaborations and work training in their chosen field.


An ongoing yearly project that focuses on helping international professionals in Finland to better understand the process of Recognition of their foreign diplomas. Most importantly, our specialists who have gone through the same process themselves successfully, will guide the new applicants throughout the application stages, step by step, so that they do not have to go through the process all by themselves.  

One Mentor One

A mentorship program where community members can tap into the knowledge and experiences of those who have been there before them in order to build their careers or create meaningful professional paths for themselves in Finland. Our mentorship program runs twice a year. You can follow our social platforms and join the Facebook community to stay up to date on the next application period.


This is a 3-step project aimed at upskilling, boosting and ensuring the employability and retention of a hundred talents for Satakunta by 2026. The project is targeted at international experts in the Satakunta region. Towards the end of the project, participants will be provided with a networking and recruitment opportunity and be matched with local companies in the region.

Some testimonials from our participants

Taking part in the Degree Amplify project opened my eyes to information I didn’t know before. For example, I got to understand the main idea about recognition of diplomas in Finland, how to go about it and what are regulated professions in Finland, and details related to my diploma in electrical engineering.


Participant, Degree AMPLIFY Project

I found out that I need to apply for a license from Valvira, in order to work as a psychologist in Finland. This was something new and confusing for me. I felt alone not knowing where to start. My Degree AMPLIFY mentor provided me with new information and answered all my worries and questions.


Participant, Degree AMPLIFY Project

My mentor guided me in discovering my interests and assisted me in overcoming some work-related challenges.


Participant, One Mentor One program

I was able to save time because my mentor knows how the diploma equivalency process works and gave me great advice about it.


Participant, One Mentor One program

If you need any support, or have any questions, feel free to reach out to the organization, they are as helpful as good family members.


Participant, SATAtalents project

I highly recommend everyone to get involved in events like the #satatalents project. You will gain more than you think. 


Participant, SATAtalents project

Read their full testimonies HERE.

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